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Things I learned in 2012.

When I was drafting this blog, I was laughing internally because in comparison, the one I wrote for 2011 was so short. It amuses me that 2011 felt like I grew so much, but 2012 was so much more.

So because this list is so long, I’m going to subdivide it into months.


  • Saying goodbye isn’t the hardest thing– living without is.
  • Moving to the Willamette valley in January is a terrible idea. It’s the crappiest weather of the year.


  • Crappy jobs still pay rent.
  • Rich people aren’t good tippers. Actually, rich people are the worst tippers.
  • Getting thoroughly lost can be the best way to learn about a city’s geography.


  • Sometimes the only way to stay sane is to tune out.
  • If you’re willing to be surprised, a good friend can come from anywhere.


  • Unemployment is only scary when it stops feeling like a vacation.
  • Twenty is a surprisingly bummer age to turn. Suddenly adulthood feels like a burden


  • Aim high, be prepared to score low, and you may be pleasantly surprised.


  • Summer in Portland is perfect. 
  • Living in a main street in Portland during the summer… Not so much.


  • Nothing is certain, not even your life.
  • Getting prodded by medical folk gets easier the more it happens. Same with throwing up.
  • Dulaudid is one hell of a drug.
  • Recovery is the hardest part– waiting and wanting to be back to normal, but still sick.
  • In spite of the soap opera-y parts, Friends is an awesome show.
  • Staying hydrated is so much more important than I ever thought. Drink water, people!


  • Bicycling through Portland at night in the summer is amazing.
  • Doctor Who is one of the best TV shows of ALL TIME.
  • Life goes back to normal really easily, even when you’re changed forever and there’s constant turmoil in your brain.


  • Empathy is not a strong trait of mine, except where my sisters are concerned.
  • Every wedding should have dancing. (and dancers.)


  • Important decisions can be delayed.
  • I’m freaking awesome at parallel parking.


  • People who skype in coffee shops make me nervous.
  • Shutting up and listening is important.


  • Feeling rich is still a major fault of mine.
  • Handmade Christmas presents are the best!
  • Distance hasn’t made me love Central Oregon and my people there any less, and time hasn’t made me miss them any less.
  • Even though 2012 was a really tough year, it was a really good year– and it was really important.

And yeah… Fart jokes are still funny.

With that said, I’m really looking forward to what 2013 will hold. I’m making plans to intentionally make it the best year ever.



Things I learned in 2011

This year has been big for me.  A lot happened, and I think I grew a lot from it. So here’s a list of the things I can think of that I learned in 2011. (Inspired by Rebecca.)

  • Staying aloof is the best weapon when you’re dealing with immaturity.
  • I can start conversations with anyone.
  • I hate sugary coffee.
  • Pretending not to notice when guys are hitting on you works.
  • Some people aren’t worth the trouble they bring into your life, and it’s best to just let them drift away.
  • Jesus is awesome, but church is overrated.
  • Being classy is important, especially when it sucks.
  • Music is important.
  • I can sing.
  • Sometimes the thing you least want to do is the thing you need to do the most.
  • If something scares me, I must do it in order to conquer the fear.
  • Aeropress coffee is divine.
  • I’m blessed in a million ways.
  • Flirting with friends is flirting with disaster.
  • Forgiveness is the greatest gift one human can give another.
  • In your darkest time, God will give you strength if you cry out to Him.
  • Handmade is just better.
  • Fart jokes are still funny.

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