Mt Hood = Detox.

Today I drove over Mount Hood to Central Oregon.

The sun was shining, traffic was light, and seriously, I don’t think there’s anywhere in the world that can top mountains in the summertime for beauty. Maybe equal, but never exceeding.

So of course I was a responsible driver and didn’t take any photos. Oh well. I saw three accidents on the way out of Portland, so that was a good catalyst to be responsible or something.

The three hour drive was exactly the detox I needed from ten days of work and the crappiest diet you can imagine. For some reason, when I’m being offered a decision between taking pastries home or throwing them away, I can’t stand to waste them.

Therefore, I accept free food and consume it, even if it has zero nutrition and makes my body feel the opposite of good.

Anyway. Lesson learned– my body needs fuel instead of crap, or else I suffer random muscle cramps and spasms, and general feelings of unhealth.

Here’s an awesome song for you.

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