Pedalpalooza: How am I Just Hearing About This?

Today, I was sitting in Oblique coffee, sipping a delicious glass of toddy when I decided it’d be a good idea to browse this week’s Portland Mercury.

Usually I avoid this publication on principle, because I’m not really fond of ads for strip clubs and adult stores. But this week their headlining story was something pertaining to Wednesday’s blog– how to get into biking in Portland.

After I finished reading the tips (“Don’t be an asshole” was my favorite,) I continued flipping pages, because the article had mentioned something that sounded exciting that I had never before heard of.


The first thing I ever heard about Pedalpalooza was last year when the World Naked Bike Ride cruised right by my sister’s house. Unfortunately for me, I’m now living in that house. I shall probably bear witness to this event, while mournfully waving goodbye to any last shreds of innocence that clung to me.

It’s not just naked bike rides though. All this month, all over Portland, are organized bike rides centered around almost anything you can imagine.

The ones I’m going to make a valiant effort to at least witness, if not participate in, are as follows.

Thursday, June 14th. The Fake Mustache Ride.

Friday, June 15th. Bob’s Meme Ride.

Saturday, June 16th. The Star Wars vs. Star Trek Ride. I’m a Trekkie for life, by the way. We can argue about this later.

Sunday, June 17th. Zombie Apocalypse Ride. The instructions say to come as a zombie or a survivor. I just really want to witness this one.

Wednesday, June 27th. Crappy Gift Exchange Ride.

Also Wednesday, June 27th. OMSI Pedals Science Ride, which starts and ends at OMSI and includes science and OMSI after dark. What’s NOT to love?

There are also, throughout the month, a nice range of food cart tours, coffee shop meetups, naked bike rides aside from the big one, pet-inclusive rides, and rides specifically crafted for families.

Mostly I’m just shocked I’ve never heard about this before. All my life  I’ve had family in the Portland area– heck, my dad grew up here and my brother lived here for like six years. Either they never mentioned it due to a lack of interest, or I just wasn’t paying attention when they did. (To be fair, it was probably the latter. I’m horrible at paying attention.)

Portlanders! Are you going to any of these rides? Are you going to any others that I should try to make it to? Email me or let me know in the comments. Let’s be biking buddies.

  1. If the Mercury ever gets in any good coupons, send them my way. ;]

  2. So, is this when they close the Marquam and Fremont bridges to vehicles? ‘Cause I’ve always wanted to do that ride.

    • I actually don’t know. Bridges free of cars sounds awesome, but I’m not sure it’d be worth the tradeoff of being surrounded by naked Portlanders.

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