In Which there are several YouTube Videos of Awesomeness.

I mentioned in last Friday’s un-post that I was going to see an epic concert Friday night, and epic it was indeed.

Blind Pilot opened. I was a bit surprised because I thought they were much better-know than the Head and the Heart, but it didn’t bother me. They were terrific.

Then we heard from the Head and the Heart. I admit I hadn’t really actively listened to this band before, but I certainly am going to start. They by far played the best and most energetic set of the evening.

Finally, the headliners.

The Shins played a gorgeous set, with a good solid mix of their older and newer songs. It was amazing.

I had a few favorite parts of the evening. There were two songs ( 3 Rounds and a Sound and New Slang) when the whole audience was singing along, and it was intensely magical. Another favorite moment was when Charity started belting Rivers and Roads. So amazing. And the last favorite moment is when James Mercer came back onstage for the encore and played by himself.

This concert got me thinking about why I love live music so dearly. When I was listening the Oh, Inverted World earlier today I figured it out. After I see a band live, they’re suddenly more real to me. I picture the band playing the songs instead of just hearing, so I pay more attention and internalize the music better.

I also find live music to be exceedingly inspiring. Since I’m kind of a flaky musician, seeing concerts is sort of like a kick in the butt to continue practicing.

I have to throw this out there though– the Decemberists’ set last year is still the best show I’ve ever seen. (And it’s not because I’m not-so-secretly in love with Colin Meloy and yes I know he’s married so shut up.)

I’m planning to see Michael Franti and Spearhead in August. What concerts are you going to see this summer? Discuss!

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