Fighting Fear.

Since I moved out of my parents house, I’ve been compelled to learn how to cook. I’ve heard this is a pretty common occurrence, but since I suffer from an affliction I like to call CookingSucksitis, I’ve found it to be particularly difficult to deal with. In my defense, I’ve only ever had to cook for four to six people, and I’ve never ever been good at it, and I hate it.

However, since I’ve been compelled to cook more, I realized it’s less that I hate cooking or am unusually bad at cooking — it’s that I am afraid of failing and making an inedible mess. I suppose this is a learned fear from my mother, but that’s irrelevant.  The point is I hate to have any fear left unconquered.

Any irrational fear, anyway.

If you let fear control you, even with something as trivial as “Oh my gosh I can’t cook this spectacular meal what if I mess it up,” you’re giving the fear a foothold– and if I’m too afraid of failing or messing up to make crepes for breakfast, who knows what other opportunities I’ll pass up because I’m afraid of failing and messing up?

I know a lot of people who won’t rock climb because they’re afraid of falling. My instructor of the rock climbing class I took in school pointed out “It’s not the fall that kills you. It’s what’s at the end of it.”

Fear isn’t usually about the task or activity in itself. It’s about the consequences.

Full disclosure though, I have made crepes, and I did make a huge mess… But they were terrific. Then I learned to bake scones, muffins, and other stuff. Then I’ve been learning how to make real proper dinner foods. And, impossibility of all impossibilities, the more I cook, the more I’m enjoying it. Probably because it’s so difficult to seriously fail.

Anyway the point is this. If you aren’t willing to do something because you dislike it, maybe it’s because deep down you’re secretly afraid of failing. Not that this is always going to be the case, obviously, but if you do examine and discover you’re avoiding something because of a secret fear of failure, I encourage you to fight the fear and just try it– and if you screw up, so what?

What’s the worst thing that can happen, right? (Those are usually words I say preceding something possibly stupid, but don’t worry about it.)

So do you have any stories of fears you’ve faced? Tell them to me.  I adore stories.

    • Rachel
    • May 14th, 2012

    Awesome blip! I’ve applied this awesome fact to as many parts of my life as I can manage ^-^

  1. Cooking is way fun!!! And yeah, even if its not amazing, its still food… Eating a hot mess will quickly teach you your mistakes ;)

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