Why Cover Letters are Awkward.

I think I’m funny. Today I’m blogging early because I’m procrastinating on writing cover letters.

Getting one job done while procrastinating on the other is something  I’m an expert at.

Unfortunately, I find cover letters (and job interviews for that matter) to be rather awkward. What you basically have to say is, “I’m awesome, and here are the reasons you should hire me,” and with all my confidence and finesse I still find it difficult to write or say those things without sounding insufferably egocentric.

Job hunting is something I’ve always despised, and it only gets harder the older I get.

For some reason when I was fifteen, going to places and being like “Hire me!” was a lot simpler. I didn’t have to write cover letters– Heck, I didn’t even have a resume put together. Somehow, suddenly, I landed a job at a candy store. Go me, right?

But now I’m twenty and I want a real proper job. Suddenly I want more than minimum wage, and suddenly it takes work to acquire work.

Being a grown up person is full of lamesauce and fail.

I feel sad that I am struggling with writing a cover letter when words are supposed to be my specialty. Just last week I was exulting in my newfound ability to make people react to my writing how I wanted them to react, so I guess I just need to communicate that superpower into my cover letters, like a Jedi Mind trick.

Still, it’d be a lot easier and a lot less awkward if I could use the Force to make potential employers understand why they should hire me.

  1. Finding work is a full time job… I found that out recently too

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