Why I Seriously Hate Sick Days

Even though today is a scheduled day for a new post, I’ve been procrastinating since I (barely) woke up this morning. Why?

I’m sick.

Now normally I don’t let sickness slow me down too much, particularly not with writing. But yesterday I decided to not let my flu-like symptoms slow me down and I danced for two hours.

So today my body is paying the consequences, and instead of just being sore or just having the flu, I have a combination plate of both with a garnish of extra joint pain due to the virus.

I don’t know how normal people deal with viruses. Usually I get angry.

Some of my earliest illness-related memories involve me asking my mother WHY I had to be sick and then being angry when she had no answer, or told me it just happens.

Today I’m just the same. I hate every part of having a virus. I don’t even relish the opportunity to lay in bed all day and catch up on TV like I did today, because I was planning to do yoga and clean the kitchen and do laundry and go out with friends today.

I hate being sick because it interferes with life at the most inopportune times, like when my sister has the weekend free to hang out with me, or when there are two concerts I want to try to attend in the same night, or when friends are in town for the weekend.

I hate being sick because it drains all my motivation to write anything good and instead you get a rant-blog about why I hate being sick.

So tell me friends, what are your ways of dealing with sickness?

  1. I like that you get mad at being sick. It is so . . so . . German. Just don’t start a war, kay?

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