Definitely a Very True Story

Today during the intermittent spurts of sunshine I went for a walk.  I’ve always known that springtime in Oregon is sketchy, but until I moved to the valley I never had to deal with pouring rain between the fits of sunshine. Central Oregon is really nice in that even when it does rain in the springtime, it’s usually pretty light and managable.


So today as I wandered down to the park , there was a sudden rush of wind through the tops of the tall trees, and  I ran for cover underneath a low-hanging pine tree.

I squinted up at the sky, my rain-flecked glasses partially obscuring my vision. Then, what I saw made me question first my own sanity, then the quality of Lake Oswego water, and finally the quality of the pain medicine I took this morning.

Descending from the sky, regally, even magnificently, was a huge winged llama.

Its fur was deep amethyst and its wing brilliant heliotrope. Resting on its violet face was a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses.

It stood across from my on a grassy knoll, just staring. My knees shook, but I was too frozen to speak, approach it, or run.

The winged llama took a deep breath, opened its mouth, and in its extraordinary, bleating voice, said only one sentence.

“I’m a badass.”

Then it looked up into the sky, bent its knees, and leaped, flying away at a remarkable speed.

Artist's rending.

I staggered out from under the pine tree onto the grassy knoll, searching the skies for the remarkable creature– but it was gone.


(P.s. Obviously, I’m using  April Fool’s day as an excuse to write a ridiculous story to go with a ridiculous doodle.)

(Another p.s. I’m compiling a list of the funniest words ever, and I want your contributions! I just want words that sound funny coming out of your mouth, regardless of meaning. Obviously I won’t necessarily be able to include every suggestion, but I have SUCH great plans. So let me know your funniest words ever in the comments!)

  1. Lugubrious…

    • Kjiesten
    • April 17th, 2012

    discombobulated (confused)
    dumbledore (old english for bumblebee)
    galahad (knight of the round table)

  2. Planning to move to the Valley in another year or so….I guess I don;t need to worry about the raining llamas…..just enjoy my neighbor’s imagination. *G*

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