West vs. East

I love Portland. I really do. Every day I discover some new quirk which I enjoy.

For example.

Today, I discovered how distinct the East/West divide really can be. The weather was horrible– pouring rain just on the verge of snow for the bulk of the afternoon, and I had the exquisite pleasure of riding the bus over to the East side (again; I’m noticing a pattern here.)

As I waited for my bus downtown, I was surrounded by a forest of umbrellas. Personally, I find umbrellas to be horribly impractical– your hands freeze and nothing but your head and shoulders are kept dry, unless it’s only the slightest drizzle.

Anyway, I boarded the bus. We crossed over the Willamette river, and suddenly, all of the umbrellas were gone. Disappeared. Nada.

It’s like Westsiders are like “It’s rainy! We need umbrellas! We must take up three times the reasonable amount of space on the sidewalk!” ¬†Eastsiders are like “Lol umbrellas are for noobs.”

Even people walking over the bridge must have stowed their umbrellas away somewhere and magically swapped to (more practical) rain gear before arriving on the east side of the river.

That is all.

  1. January 4th, 2013

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