Some doodles from Portland, or a blog about Hipsters.

I spent the New Year in Portland.

It was exciting. The place I was staying was right in the Hawthorne district, which is the cool part of town. (How dare you not know that, you un-cool person you.)

For those of you unfamiliar with Portland, you should know something

Portland has almost as many hipsters as obese squirrels.

I saw a squirrel out a window of almost exactly these proportions. It was amazing. But I digress.

Since I was in the cool part of town, I spent at least hours wandering around, looking at shops and stuff. Most of the time, though, I spent watching people, and playing rousing games of “Hipster-or-Hobo” with my cousin and friend.

I can say with confidence that Hipster culture is hilarious.

Out of the dozens of men I saw sporting beards, floppy beanies, plaid, and guitars, only one left an impression on me. He was walking the same direction as me at about the same pace, so I started a conversation. It was a lame conversation– I can’t even remember what words we exchanged. I’m not even positive it was the same man I was talking to the whole five minutes– another hipster man may have jumped in and taken his place when I wasn’t paying attention.

Hipster men tend to be very self-aware of their lack of self-awareness.

Hipster girls share the above trait. They also tend to be vegetarian or vegan, but not for health reasons, and smoke outside the uber-hip coffee shop they have to wait in line an hour for to get a table. Also, hipster girls appear to never cut their hair except for where it falls on their face. That, they crop into eyeball-obscuring bangs.

While I was walking around this cool part of town on a non-rainy day, I blended in pretty well. Typically I dress in plaid and jeans, and I was wearing rain boots as there were puddles everywhere.

None of the hipsters gave me a second glance; that was until it started raining.

Since I wear glasses, I dislike walking in the rain. There is something unbelievably annoying about water droplets obscuring and distorting one’s already poor vision.

So when it rains, I carry an umbrella.

A unique trait of Hipsters in the Hawthorne district is that they’re fiercely proud of the fact that many of them are Portland and/or Oregon natives. In Oregon, a good way to wave around a banner that says “I’m not from here” is to carry an umbrella. One might as well tattoo it on one’s forehead– I’m not a Native!

I couldn’t believe the number of stares I got as I walked down the sidewalk on Hawthorne blvd. with my red umbrella open over my head. As I waited for a light to cross an intersection, I thought a biker was going to crash from staring at me as he rode by.

I’m not very into attention, particularly of the negative variety, so I quickly retreated back to the house and drew this picture.

I realized after I drew it that the Hipsters’ stares had been only at what I was wearing or carrying, not at me.

It was very superficial.

Then I laughed.

Overall, the weekend was fun. I love Portland, and can’t wait to live near there. The more hipsters I get to watch, the more drawing material I’ll have.

Also, Portland is full of men with beards, and women who obviously wish they had beards.

That is all.

  1. If you smoke now you have to really mean it! Everyone’s so educated that you have to make an active choice to do something bad for you. Cool drawings.

    • Hannah
    • September 1st, 2012

    You are so cute! Love your blog, it made me smile. Come back soon

  1. January 4th, 2013

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