Things I learned in 2011

This year has been big for me.  A lot happened, and I think I grew a lot from it. So here’s a list of the things I can think of that I learned in 2011. (Inspired by Rebecca.)

  • Staying aloof is the best weapon when you’re dealing with immaturity.
  • I can start conversations with anyone.
  • I hate sugary coffee.
  • Pretending not to notice when guys are hitting on you works.
  • Some people aren’t worth the trouble they bring into your life, and it’s best to just let them drift away.
  • Jesus is awesome, but church is overrated.
  • Being classy is important, especially when it sucks.
  • Music is important.
  • I can sing.
  • Sometimes the thing you least want to do is the thing you need to do the most.
  • If something scares me, I must do it in order to conquer the fear.
  • Aeropress coffee is divine.
  • I’m blessed in a million ways.
  • Flirting with friends is flirting with disaster.
  • Forgiveness is the greatest gift one human can give another.
  • In your darkest time, God will give you strength if you cry out to Him.
  • Handmade is just better.
  • Fart jokes are still funny.

  1. December 31st, 2012

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