Of distraction, gratitude, and scones

So, I missed two days of posting, which is terrible, but it’s merely a symptom of a greater ill– I haven’t written in over a week. Awful, right? Not only have I already failed my personal challenge, but I don’t feel at all bad about it. Oh well.

I have been highly distracted by real life– a lot has been happening, so by the time I get home at night I would rather mindlessly browse the Internet or play my guitar for a little while before going to sleep. Also, as I’m sure you’re aware, Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I don’t think Thanksgiving-time has ever been so eventful for me.

Anyway, I really wanted to write about scones.

But I find I’m like a dry desert full of boring, so I won’t inflict this upon you any longer. Here’s a picture of the Santiam Pass.

  1. Santiam. Gorgeous any time of year and any time of day. I’m just so glad to not be driving it numerous times this year!

    On a completely different note: Scones have their place, btw. :-)

    • Right? As pretty as it is, the Santiam wasn’t nearly as good as Hood last weekend. I love scones! I was going to write about how I’ve suddenly discovered I’m quite good at baking them, but then I decided that would be a boring story. :)

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