Bob, pt. 5

They sprinted to the stairs.

The voices were loud, and the sound of fists against desks and file cabinets was filling the first floor.

Bob and Shirley raced up the stairs and into the second story of offices, crashing into the pile of vending machine snacks they’d piled there.

“What do we do?” Bob and Shirley asked simultaneously.

Bob shrugged helplessly, “I suppose we keep fighting, but how is it going to end? I don’t think we can win.”

“No, Bob! Don’t say that,” Shirley seized Bob’s shoulders. “No matter what,” she continued, moving her hands down to his,”We will fight for our survival to the top story, to the last breath. To the last packet of peanuts.”

Bob snorted, and they embraced.

“I guess we had better continue with the barricading business,” he said.

As they looked around the second story offices, they realized how much better their situation had just become.

“We have so many fewer doors to barricade!” Shirley said gleefully, “But we’d better make sure the door at the bottom of the stairs hasn’t been breached yet.”

Bob and Shirley froze as they heard the front door of the office swing shut.

A voice called out.



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