Bob, pt. 4


Bob and Shirley stared at each other for a moment.

“Should we let them in?” Bob said hesitantly.

Shirley laughed, and they both ran for the next office. They pushed another desk in front of the door, then started work on the fire exits and downstairs windows.

As they secured the ground floor, the eerie voice outside was joined by a few more.

“Hello?” they all said, “Can I come in? I’m so hungry…”




“I’m so hungry…”

They all spoke in a slightly whiny monotone, with the same accent that Bob couldn’t place.

“So now what, Boss Lady?” Bob tried to joke, but Shirley’s face was pinched.

She looked around at their handiwork, and nodded, satisfied. “Now,” she said, “We raid every fridge and vending machine and move the provisions upstairs.”

They set to work, running up and down stairs, throwing the snacks and scraps into a pile at the entrance to the second floor.


“I’m so hungry…”

“Can I come in?”

The voices outside were increasing in number, and insistence.

Bob and Shirley heard the sound of a window break.

They exchanged a look, then ran for the stairs, the sounds of breaking glass and stubborn voices increasing.




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