Bob, pt. 2

Bob, pt. 1

Shirley was a heavy-set, twenty-something woman who had always seemed to Bob to be impossibly practical. She always worked by the book and walked at a pace no faster then necessary.

It caught Bob by surprise to see her dodging behind bushes, and skirting widely around his car as she crept toward the office building.

He lost sight of her when she reached the doors, and he ran to the stairs, thrilled to see another human.

“At least I’m not the only person left on earth!” Bob tried to laugh, but a frown creased his face.

The electricity was still out, so Bob opted to take the stairs down all six stories.

“Shirley?” he stopped at each floor, calling the scared receptionist’s name. Each time he got no response, so he continued his descent.

Finally, Bob reached the ground floor. “Shirley?” he called, “It’s Bob, from the office upstairs from you. Are you here?”

A startling blow hit Bob from behind, and he fell to his hands and knees, stunned and winded.

“Are you alive or are you dead?” Shirley was standing over Bob brandishing the fire extinguisher with which she had struck him in the back.

“What kind of question is that?” Bob gasped, “Of course I’m alive!”

Shirley looked keenly into Bob’s eyes, squinting. Bob remembered that she usually wore glasses.

Time seemed to slow as she scrutinized him, but finally Shirley lowered her fire extinguisher.

“Bob. How did you get here?” She moved back toward the storage closet where she had been hiding, “We have to start barricading the doors.”

“I drove, obviously,” Bob stood, wincing. “Why are you acting so strange? And where is everyone? You’re the only other person I’ve seen all day.”

Shirley stopped dragging a desk toward the doors and looked at him, her face twisting slightly, “Bob, I can’t believe I have to tell you this.” She dropped to a sitting position.

“They’re all dead.”



  1. October 23rd, 2011

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