Mistaken Identity

As you’re probably aware, I work in a coffee shop.

This town is small enough that our client base is mostly regulars.

Well, I’ve been working there long enough that a good number of the regulars know my name, and I theirs. (Unless I only know their drinks, but that’s a different story.)

There are a few regulars who I particularly like, and one of them is Ron.

My co-worker/friend Aubrey and I bicker about whether he’s more like a sea captain or a mountain man, (I say he’s the latter,) but this guy is awesome. He and I always have great conversations about music, or life, or dancing, or whatever. I could fill a whole blog post with Ron quotes.

Anyway, the other day it came to my attention suddenly that Ron has been calling me Brittany.

I’m pretty used to this, but I decided I needed to address the issue.

So it was a quiet evening, and Ron comes into the shop. I say hello, and before he can say anything I tell him “Ron, you call me Brittany, don’t you?”

He says yeah. “Well,” I continue, “That’s not my name.”

A puzzled look setttled on his face. He scratched his beard and said, “It’s not? Then what is your name?”

“It’s Bethany,” I tell him.

“Bethany? I’ve been calling you Brittany for a year now.”

I agreed with him. I was laughing at this point.

“Well shoot!”

Then Ron told me the following story.

A woman he had known for about ten years never knew his proper name. He and his girlfriend took dance lessons from her, they worked together at a mill, and had been acquaintances for a long time.

One day when he walks into a square dance, this woman comes up to him all happy and friendly, “Heya there Jim!”

So he says hello, and they talk for a bit, then she says “Wait, your name is Jim, isn’t it?”

“Nope,” he says, “But I’ve always called you Jim!” She blustered.

I doubt she ever did get his name right.

This is why you shouldn’t be embarrassed about double-checking to see what people’s names are.

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