This is not a bitch column

Here in Central Oregon we have a pretty limited number of publications. The ones we have are, at best, all right.

Yesterday at work I was quite bored and picked up one of the aforementioned publications, the Source Weekly. Don’t get me wrong, the Source is a decent publication considering the population and demographics of the area, but as I flipped through the pages I was awed by how cookie-cutter bitch-column every single one of the articles was.  “I can write better than that,” I thought, shaking my head at the low caliber of writing, but then I realized I’m not a whole lot better.

With this blog, I try to have a nice balance of complaining, praising, rambling, ranting, and so on. I know that I tend toward the bitch-blogger a little bit (part of the reason I started this blog) but at least I’m aware of it.

I don’t get paid to complain about random stuff once a week. That’d be nice. I could be rich if people paid me to write a bitch column ’cause there’s a lot to complain about in the world.

However, I take issue with publications paying writers to write at the same level as thousands of bloggers. I mean honestly! Here I am writing a blog post that is about as a) Interesting, b) Valid, and c) Bitchy as many of the articles in the Source Weekly.

Nobody’s paying me. I guess it’s because I’m still underage and can’t write about beer.

Yes, I do note the irony in me writing a bitchy blog about how unprofessional bitchy columns are.

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