Summer thunderstorms are definitely one of the best things about life. The relief from the weight of the air. The majesty of the huge lightning flashes. The vibrations of the grumbling thunder in your chest.

Thunderstorms are a place where heaven and earth lean in for a kiss, and then the earth just can’t contain itself and its heart explodes into lightning and thunder. My favorite part about summer thunderstorms, though, is the rain.

Each raindrop is like a little kiss from heaven, touching you for just long enough that you know you’re loved. And not just loved, but loved by the Cosmic Power that gave us thunderstorms– a time where heaven and earth really do seem to touch, even if just for a moment.


    • Erin
    • June 28th, 2011

    I like this. I don’t like thunderstorms, but I like this poetic treatment of them.

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